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Nikki Dunn decided to learn how to trade stocks full time in 2012 after being involved in the futures market. Chris and Nikki developed the Trader Formula stock course to help shorten the learning curve for new traders. She thrives by helping traders learn how to properly view price action and help them see why they might be making mistakes. She believes trading is a skill that needs to be developed.

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Trading Watchlist

There are a lot of stocks in the market. It can take hours a day to find the right ones. Let us build your watchlist for you everyday. Our watchlists are high quality and produce opportunities daily.

Step By Step Strategy Roadmap

Take the stock trading course and learn from A to Z how to day trade stocks. The curriculum is 5 modules packed with the information you need whether you're a beginner or looking to advance. We have 8 trade setups included in the course that have tested the time of all market environments.

Mentoring & Community

It can get lonely in front of the computer screen. Join a community of traders who share ideas and have access to top mentors directly in the chat room. We will help you if you have questions, or discuss your trade ideas.